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yăttes, part. re-, redo, do again
yawed - yawid, vG. cause SO to perish, disappear (indirectly)
yawes - yawis, vC. make stink, cause to smell bad
yaxel - yaxil, vC. make SO bite/sip, make SO try a piece of ST (as a parent forcing a child to try a piece of food)
yaxem - yaxim, vC. make wise, share knowledge/wisdom, instruct
yaze - yaziyă, vC. show, make SO see
yaẓeq - yaẓiq, vC. make great
yáθər, nm. bowstring; umbilical cord
yaθmem - yaθmim, vCt. be heated, made hot; heat/warm self
yaθsex - yaθsix, vCt. become dark, black, turn dark, black
yăθum, nm. orphan
yes ~ is, part. there is, there are, there exist(s)
yəd, nm. hand
yɛl, nm. oryx (Oryx dammah)
yin, nm. wine
yobdol - yobdol, vCp. be separated, divided, kept apart
yobʷob - yobʷob, vCp. be brought, taken, led
yoḍboq - yoḍboq, vCp. be put together, combined, joined together
yodol - yodol, vCp. be stopped, brought to an end/close, finished
yodom - yodom, vCp. be silenced; muted (a TV, etc)
yodor - yodor, vCp. be enlarged, made bigger; grow larger, grow bigger
yofox - yofox, vCp. be changed into, turned into, made to become (adj or n)
yoglo - yoglo, vCp. be exiled
yogon - yogon, vCp. be covered, have poultice applied, be applied
yomon - yomon, vCp. be thought, believed, assumed
yošxor - yošxor, vCp. be mentioned, recorded
yowod - yowod, vCp. be caused to perish, disappear (indirectly)
yoxo - yoxo, vCp. be made to take a bite/sip
yozo - yozo, vCp. be shown, be made to see/be seen
yɔtt, nm. boy (child)
yɔttoθ, nf. girl (child)
yum, nm. day (a 24-hour period)
yumag, nm. celebration, festival
yunoθ, nf. dove
yuri, nm. rain
žba ~ špa, numm. seven (M)
žbbʷəḷḷɔẓ, nf. ear of grain
žbe, nm. sacrifice
žbo - ižbʷə, vG. sacrifice
žboar, nm. word; matter, thing
žboθ ~ špoθ, numf. seven (F)
zerre - ižže, vD. introduce to, acquaint with
zeruwa, nm. elbow
zeθ, nf. olive
ẓəqqoẓ, nf. greatness, wonder
žgon, nm. grain
zib, nm. wolf, jackal (Canis lupus, Canis anthus)
ziez, nf. areola; boob, tit
žme, nm. resemblance, similarity
žnob, nm. buttocks

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