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This is a crosspost from the ZBB, because I think I done wrote something good and it would be madness to leave it languishing in C&CQ. It is, in effect, a practical extension of the first sermon.
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It has occurred to me that my original Heterodoxy post has a problem: it's targeted primarily at people who already somewhat know what they're doing. Heck, it's pretty much a post to tell myself to be less silly.

So here is a bit of presumably even less controversial (should I rename this series "Orthodoxy"?) advice to people who are either starting out or have managed to avoid learning for a long time.  (…)
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I was lying in bed yesterday thinking about things like this, so I'mma write it down. There will be sequels on the finer points, but anyway have a bit of basic RPG combat typology.  (…)
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Ex foris

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Fish makes you more intelligent
yes, this really wanted gloss tags. too lazy for that right now though

Āni olkar uvakku leidan yākehmallur.
two man-PL together road-DIR 3pA-3sO-travel-INCH-PST-3pS

Two men set off travelling together.

Leidē yājīyo yararrā kūhoulyar yāršānyveftur, yō gāfman birjan da, ānyō tēpun yoš.
road-LOC 3pA-3sO-eat-NMLZ 3sS-3pO-exist-CVB.FUT provision-PL 3pA-3pO-buy-PST-3pS, one cheese-DIR bread-DIR and,
 other fish-DIR that.

They bought provisions for the road, one bread and cheese, the other fish.

Leidan yakipējaivān yabesābam gāfman yašānyveftūngo yoš ānyō "nyipiraumanšō tēpui yōrvandō nyajīna, bāru tēpui iltan yōrvandō nyajīna?" iš hušpam yagahput.
road-DIR 3pS-LOC.APPL-go-enter-CVB.PST 3pS-walk-CVB.PRES cheese-DIR 3sA-3sO-buy-CVB.PST-NMLZ that other 
"2s-tribe-DIR-2s fish-GEN 3s-much-3s 2pA-3sO-eat-2pS, why fish-GEN thus 3s-much-3s 2pA-3sO-eat-2pS?" 
this question-COM 3sA-3sO-ask-PST-3sS

After having walked for a while, the one who had bought the bread asked the other: "Your people eat a lot of fish. Why do you eat so much fish?"

"Tēpun nyajīyam nyisehmēšō tollyin nyāššeš, iš tōgō tēpui yōrvandō vajīm."
fish-DIR 2sA-3sO-eat-CVB.PRES 2s-mind-LOC-2s quick-DIR 2sS-be-POT-2sS, this thing-ABL fish-GEN 3s-much-3s 1pA-3sO-eat-1pS.

If you eat fish, you will become smarter. That is why we eat so much fish.

"Iltan yargam olba ki nyitēpuišō inyakmandō nyuforī!"
thus 3sS-be-CVB.PRES if then 2s-fish-GEN-2s 3s-piece-3s 2sA-1sO-give-IMP!"

If that is so, give me some of your fish!

"Tēpū bišforgamhē amban" daršām inohundō lēpa nyakmā imukalbašvān nyakmā tomšehan yaforvat.
"fish-DAT 1sA-2sO-give-CVB.PRES-NMLZ good-DIR" QUOT 3s-head-3s small piece-DAT 3sA-ABL.APPL-cut-CVB.PST
 piece-DAT companion-DIR 3sA-3sO-give-PST-3sS.

"Very well, I shall give you some", he said. He cut off a piece of the head and gave it to his companion.

"Ini igilvendō bā varran?" iš hušpan "yō gilyin" daršām yafaināpavat.
"this-GEN 3s-price-DIR-3s what amount-DIR" this question-DIR "one coin-DIR" QUOT 3sA-3sO-answer-PST-3sS.

"How much is it", asked he? "One dollar", answered the other.

"Ūrya amban" daršām gilyin yaforvat ānyō.
"very good" QUOT coin 3sA-3sO-give-PST-3sS other.

"Very well", he said, and paid the dollar.

Yagal rēpē deki ilaporvān ki yoš tēpū imuneftūngo "nyadenī, bā varram iš tēpun nyašānyveftuš?" hušpam yagahput.
3s-some time-GEN and_then 3sS-pass-CVB.PST then that fish-DAT 3sA-ABL.APPL-take-CVB.PST-NMLZ 
"2sA-3sO-say-IMP, what amount-COM this fish-DIR 2sA-3sO-buy-PST-2sS?" question-COM 3sA-3sO-ask-PST-3sS.

After some more time had passed, he asked the one from whom he had taken the fish: "How much did you buy this fish for?"

"Yō gilyim jašānyveftun."
one coin-COM 1sA-3sO-buy-PST-1sS.

"I paid one dollar."

"Moiyo, yō gilyim nohū nyušamamgam ājvīyan ōyō iškelemat!"
eh one coin-COM head-DAT 2sA-1sO-sell-CVB.PRES rest-DIR entirely 3sA-2sO-stay-3sS!

"Hey! You sold me the head for one dollar, and all the rest was for you!"

"Nyabenī tēpū nohun nyišehpamšō nyatolsēyam nyisehmēšō koryane iltan tollyin nyorfāvānhē ānyi! Ōyō nyajīvān ki bā nyōšševānhē, bahko yasaurat?"
2sA-3sO-see-IMP fish-DAT head-DIR 2s-tongue-COM-2s 2sA-3sO-touch-CVB.PRES 2s-mind-LOC-2s already so quick-DIR 
2sS-become-CVB.PST-NMLZ 2s.COP! entirely 2sA-3sO-eat-CVB.PST then what 2sA-3sO-do-POT-CVB.PST-NMLZ, who 3sA-3sO-know-3sS?

"See how smart you've become just from licking its head! If you'd eaten the entire thing, who knows what you would have done!"
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
posts: 496
, 巴塞尔之子
very happy that particular look died tbqh
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
posts: 496
, 巴塞尔之子
in thread: im gay

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