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ḷoaqɔẓ, nf. leech
lom, pn. their, theirs (3pl masc possessive pronoun/adjective); to them
lqɔḍḍ, adv. there
lulom, adv. forever
ḷwəṛ, part. that (complementizer)
mafa, nm. oven, stove
mănnim, nm. rib cage, ribs
mănnimoθ, nf. rib
măppe, nm. sieve
maseb, nm. computer
masewoθ, nf. calculator
mašof, nm. any
mašur, nm. want, desire; lack, loss
mašuri, adj. wanting, desiring; needing; lacking
măṭṭɔẓ, nf. mat
maxt, interj. great! awesome! cool! neat! nice!
măγd, nm. oak tree
măγdoθ, nf. holly oak tree (Quercus coccifera)
măγlub, nm. razor
maθ=, part. the (fem pl)
mbʷo, nm. entrance
mbʷottsatts, nm. West
mḍeb, nm. firewood
mem, nm. water
mǝšmer, nm. song
mǝšnen, nm. provisions, supplies; (military) magazine, storage
mǝžbo, nm. height, mountain
mǝžža, nm. field
məbbʷuroθ, nf. cave
məbne, nm. structure (literal and figurative), arrangement; shape, form; frame; outline
mərxəbbʷoθ, nf. chariot
, nm. groin, lap
mgen, nm. shield; poultice
mim, pn. whoever (indefinite pronoun); someone, somebody; (pl) people, they, some people
miyăṇṇeq, nm. strangler; murderer, killer
miyărreb, nm. (personal) enemy, personal foe, nemesis
miyărreg, nm. murderer, killer
mlum, nm. dream
mmel, nm. disability, weakness, feebleness, lameness; fragility
mmǝ-:, ppf. PREP (from, out of, among, etc.)
mməppsər, prep. instead of, as opposed to, in place of
mnoθ, nf. fodder, feed
modoar, adj. enlarged
mogloa, nf. exile (exiled person); refugee
motsam, pn. they, them, themselves (3pl fem pronoun)
motsom, pn. they, them, themselves (3pl masc pronoun)
moθ=, part. the (masc pl)
mɔr, adv. almost, close to, about, approximately, nearly; next (in a series)
mʷea, nm. the essence of; precisely, exactly; right, correct (answer), you got it
mʷǝs, pn. that, which, who (relative pronoun)

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