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Is English in the early stages of losing pronoun case and verb concordance? (2014-10-01 03:19:29) :
"Prescriptivist wisdom" - well it's certainly prescriptivism, but it matters what kind, as evidenced by the fact we all tolerate spelling prescriptivism just fine. Those of you who use this construction seem to feel that it's a matter of grammar, and that the rule against using it is in the same class as e.g. not splitting infinitives.  I.e. language prescriptivism. But it is meant to be manners prescriptivism - in the same class as saying "thank you" when someone does something nice for yo...
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Is English in the early stages of losing pronoun case and verb concordance? (2014-09-30 08:43:53) :

[quote]There's also the infamous "Me and him went to the store", which is the default construction for everyone but pedants by now.[/quote]
Gods it's been a long time since we discussed this, but the short version is the object pronoun forms are also nouns; I remember that Zompist was a stick in the mud on the issue and wouldn't be convinced (surprise surprise) by any heap of evidence shown to him, I want to say by Radius? My recall of any more details is nonexistent.
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Quote Thread (2014-09-05 22:11:00) :
There was more along these lines, but this was the best part:

[17:57]  * Brel_ ( has joined #isharia
[17:57]  <Cev> hi Brel
[18:07]  * Brel_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[18:43]  <Cev> bye Brel
[18:45]  <pthagnar> let us reflect
[18:45]  <ayyub> :(
[18:45]  <pthagnar> on what brel means to us
[18:45]  <pthagnar> and what she did
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Absences (2014-08-21 03:54:33) :
[quote Nessari]…they must not have the California shifts then.

Really tho the PNW's dialect differences from everywhere else are damn subtle…I usually don't even notice them until we're discussing things and oddities emerge, and thankfully often enough Rad is able to confirm things so it's not just me being bizarre. They're also not [i]usually[/i] pronunciation-based; so far as that goes the only difference from more eastern forms of GA is our /u:/ is only weakly centralized, if at all ...
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Absences (2014-08-20 03:55:49) :
Well, they [i]should[/i] know about it.




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happiness thread (2014-07-30 21:32:34) :
[quote Rhetorica]No one ever asks for sound change appliers—but that is because no one knows how to use them or what features they offer, and they are generally not willing to admit it.[/quote]

Anyone who has much end-user experience with SCAs can tell you that the process of debugging your SC list so the program finally comprehends exactly what you want it to do, a painful and tedious process not given full justice by your phrasing "knows how to use them", is often [i]more work[/i] tha...
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happiness thread (2014-07-27 18:22:30) :
Oh. Then failjoke was fail.

In any case, good luck.
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happiness thread (2014-07-26 01:35:50) :
He's [i]bound[/i] to notice all the effort you put into appropriate whitespace placement.
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2014-07-22 16:47:22) :
I overflow with love for all that is Anthologica.

I merely ask for the same right that any spouse not in the mood at the moment has. Surely thou wouldst not perpetrate such domestic violence no matter how terrible and salmoneally overblown a metaphor it might be?

(But okay, thanks.)
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2014-07-22 14:26:21) :
Can we pleeeeease make there be a way to stop receiving messages in my inbox that were not addressed to me and exist only because someone posted/deleted something somewhere? When sites and software frequently and unpreventably notify you of things you don't care about, it makes for a less-pleasant user experience.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-07-22 14:26:21.
Telmona: Tǝɣrâ person marking and word order (V2! Direct-inverse! Isolating!) (2014-07-12 04:38:59) :
This looks quite thoroughly thought through, which I always appreciate seeing. Not to imply you'd ever do anything less, of course.

A question, though: Erg-abs marking [i]and[/i] a direct-inverse alignment? That's certainly... unexpected. If you have a rationale worked out, I would be quite interested to hear it.
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Quote Thread (2014-07-08 15:11:19) :
I would have gone on with "I'll bind you, govern you, and give you a few more... personal markings." but then Izambri interrupted with something random and broke the spell.
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Diplomacy- Summer Edition (2014-07-05 15:51:55) :
Miekko, have you found anyone yet?
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Diplomacy- Summer Edition (2014-07-03 01:51:18) :
Austria, tough sell. "Hey wanna join and get eaten alive in two seasons???"

I'd sigh and do my best to take it on, despite time issues - but as matters stand I've agreed to fill in as France for a season or two, starting Sunday. If someone else wants to take on that instead of Austria, and if Miekko agrees to that, I could try to be Austria for as long as it holds out.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-07-03 01:51:18.
Diplomacy- Summer Edition (2014-07-01 01:25:34) :
FWIW from an interested but disinterested onlooker, and I mean this solely as constructive criticism: the lack of any response from you to Yaali's post left me under the impression you yourself had not yet seen it and might be asleep at the switch, as a bombshell post like "I can't play anymore" can hardly help but merit discussion.

...edti: That, and also that it seems to me  entirely reasonable for a player's questions such as "okay so who's germany now? are his current turn...
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-07-01 01:31:34.
Diplomacy- Summer Edition (2014-06-30 12:42:49) :
Oy. If that is in fact the case, it would be exceedingly unfair for the GM not to at least permit Tunis (should that be Italy's desire).
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-06-30 12:42:49.
Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2014-06-29 01:12:03) :
[quote Hallow XIII]perhaps also a way to see sent messages?[/quote]

All the messages I've ever sent are listed among the ones I've received...
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-06-29 01:12:03.
happiness thread (2014-06-27 19:58:52) :
I thought this was the happiness thread, not the bitching about linux thread...
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Test thread! (2014-06-26 03:15:46) :
[quote Rhetorica]Kikkoman! The go-to soy sauce for all occasions... that would not be better served by rice vinegar.[/quote]

[i]What?[/i] Kikkoman is like, the worst soy sauce that exists on the market. Here is the recipe for how they make Kikkoman: mix one cup of salt and a few drops of artificial caramel color into one liter of water. Done.

...Well okay, that's a lie, Kikkoman doesn't have [i]that[/i] much flavor.

But seriously, go get yourself some Pearl River Bridg...
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Test thread! (2014-06-25 05:47:44) :
FFS, people. When I look at Anthologica stats I want to be able to know that I'm looking at, y'know, legit activity. Data poisoners >:|
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-06-25 05:47:44.

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