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Besides loving worlds like from Tolkien, Lewis, Nesbit, Macdonald and others , I really got a start world building from trying to create a fictional world of the lizard-folk found in the depths of the Stygian abyss in the excellent game Ultima: Underworld. In my spare time besides writing I like to doodle, play ukulele and design analog games. My favorite book is Les Miserables, and I tend to read quite a bit of older books, though of new books I lean towards fantasy and science fiction (many times young adult, since that is what I tend to write) with some non-fiction once in a while.

I'm currently reading "The Light Fantastic" By Terry Pratchett and "Go Set a Watchman" by Harper Lee.
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I created a concountry (Tundria, or rather its Hungarian equivalent Tündérország = Fairy Country) at age 7 or so. Its principal language (Tundrian) came after, in my mid teens, when I discovered the pleasures of Romance languages, and decided to make my own. A full grammar and extensive dictionary are online on my web site.  What books do I read? Fiction (science-fiction, classics, other stuff, preferably in the original - I am reading Murakami in Japanese right now), linguistics,  archeology, history, anything that grabs my fancy. What did I study in school? Mathematics, physics, linguistics, languages, librarianship.
I am an omni-nerd. If you need "useful" pieces of trivia about everything from historical cryptography to the history and population of remote islands in the middle of nowhere, then just ask
I've had an interest in the social sciences for as long as I can remember, and linguistics has been a primary interest of mine for some years. I have made a few languages, of varying completeness. I very much like history, and have created many worlds, both very similar to and very different from our own.
Conlinguist, micronationalist, worldbuilder, Magic: The Gathering player (and other TCGs too, sometimes), gamer, computer shaman, baseball & college football fan, and nerd in general.

I'm always looking for people for my micronations Safiria and Hoenn. Inquire if interested.
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Мөнх Тэнгэрийн хучийн доор
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I have been interested in documentation and books and the preservation and perpetuation of knowledge for as long as I can remember though I suppose I have had little in the way of formal education by most people's standards. Conlanging is another hobby that has spooled out of control and taken me in a wide direction away from whatever its origins were. The prospects of discovering or creating something novel are what keep me coming back to this subject. The only other for which I can say the same is dinosaurs.
Activist, freedom fighter, philosopher, and poet. Hitched up on this site after being hounded from a web site populated and moderated by mental midgets intimidated by my intellectual stature. I hope I'll be accepted here!
Studied Slavic languages and Historical linguistics, but I'm doing something entirely different for a living. Interested in world- and language-building since  childhood.
Experimentation and curiosity got me into conlanging and then worldbuilding followed in short pursuit.

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