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nêgkhât, n. A set or pair of ears.
negkhet, n. The set of one's descendants.
nêgkhîh, n. A group or herd of unintelligent organisms.
negkhjasta, n. A constellation or asterism.
nêgksîś, n. A pack of canids (wolves, foxen, etc.).
negkzegkheś, n. A group of calves, kids, or foals.
negkzenet, n. A group of children.
neh, prep. Introduces a comparative prepositional phrase by modifying a degree word; than, as.
nem-, na. Used to indicate a group or collection of the noun.
nemak, n. A set of fingers on a hand or toes on a foot.
nemaš, n. A cluster of flowers.
nempfefahra, n. A bout or burst of laughter.
nempfeij, n. A series or body of dreams.
nêmpfêîrkhêh, n. A massacre or slaughter.
nempfeizet, n. A body of writings; a text corpus.
nempfićam, n. A group of thinkers; an academy.
nempfihrima, n. A group of youths; ephoebias.
nêmpfîkhêh, n. A pile of corpses; a funeral pile.
nempfišaj, n. A group of singers; chorus.
nempfišemek, n. A hunting group.
nempfitak, n. A brigade or gang of builders or constuctors.
nêmpfîtâphok, n. A military formation; division, brigade, battalion, regiment, company, etc.
nempfitrat, n. A brigade or gang of workers.
nempif, n. A tuft or lock of hair.
nemren, n. A woodpile.
nêmrês, n. A grove of trees.
ńên, adv. For a time that is not the first; again.
neńćfer, n. The body of devotional thoughts, worship, prayer, faith, etc.
nêńćšâs, n. A group of rooms.
neńćšrać, n. An answer key.
nenjef, n. A group of women.
nêntśâtâ, n. A body of data.
nentśejtra, n. A group of lands; a continent, subcontinent, or large region.
nentseńaš, n. A wordlist in general.
nentszih, n. //(rare)// A knot of snakes.
nentzwif, n. A school of fish.
ńerk, vi. To be short (in length).
ńi, prep. Physically within.
ńim, pn. The intensive pronoun, used for all persons and treated grammatically as an apposition; [referent]-self.
nis, adv. Still; yet.
njef, n. A female human; woman.
nju, vt. To lose hope regarding; to despair of.
nogkmor, n. A full set of boundary or limit markers.
nogkop, n. A pile of rocks.
nogktos, n. A skeleton (specifically endoskeleton).
nogok, n. A clutch of eggs.
nogor, n. A group of wers.
nogoz, n. A cluster of houses; a hamlet or thorp.
ńoh, vt. To be succeeded by or precede an object or idea of the same nature, or when transitive, to be succeeded by.
ńoj, padv. The obviate pro-adverb for an explanatory reason; from that cause; because of that; therefore.

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