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fêzjâśorf, n. Talkativity; loquacity.
fezjatak, n. Aptness at or tendency toward assembling or constructing things.
fêzjâtâphok, n. Bellicosity; aggression.
fêzjâuš, n. Reticence; reservation.
fêzjîf, n. Drowsiness; sleepiness; somnolence.
fezna, n. The state of being at some particular place; localization.
fin, dg. Least.
fjah, pn. The first-person personal pronoun, indicating the addressing entity or the addressing entity together with other entities that might be grouped with it; I.
fjat, vt. To create //ex nihilo//.
fješam, n. A language; a system of communication with a formal grammar which acts upon elements of a lexicon.
fjuś, n. A flexible appendage protruding from the rear of an organism; tail.
fmoj, n. An organ used for photosynthesis; leaf.
foćuj, n. The state or quality of being colored; coloration.
foćuk, n. Unsilentness; the state of producing sound.
fofzo, n. The state of being allowed to do something; permission; authorization.
fôgûrh, n. Rest; idleness.
foh, n. A lesser god; the general term for a deity.
fohuš, n. Coldness.
fôkôp, n. The state of division or separation.
foktum, n. Heaviness.
fôktût, n. A digging or excavation.
fôkûk, n. Capability; ability; capacity to do something.
fokzutuń, n. Infinity.
fômjakôp, n. Splitting; division; severance; fission.
fomur, n. Darkness.
fonju, n. Despair.
fońoh, n. The state of preceding something.
fońuhu, n. Cleansing.
fońut, n. The act of frowning.
fôôfôt, n. The state of being clothed.
fôôk, n. Ingestion; eating or drinking.
foomon, n. Remoteness; distance.
foontzoš, n. Conventionality; standardness.
footućuk, n. An echo.
footuursuz, n. Banishment; exile.
footuuut​, n. A growing apart or drifting away (especially socially).
fôphôk, n. An act of vomiting.
fôpôptûg, n. Rhythmic sound produced by a drum; drumming.
fopos, n. Governance; rule; reign.
fopton, n. The state of standing.
fôšôm, n. Sight; vision.
fośorf, n. Speech.
fôšût, n. Emotion; feeling.
fosuz, n. The idea of dwelling at some particular place or having a home.
fot, n. A proper nominal word by which something specific is designated; a name, designation, appellation.
fotojp, n. Width.
fôtôktô, n. A walk or hike.
fotuń, n. Finitude; boundedness; limitedness.
fotuš, n. The state of being submerged; submergence, submersion, immersion.
fôûj, n. Identity; identicalness.

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