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feirhrima, n. A renewal or rejuvenation.
fêîrît, n. A termination of something by someone; an ending.
feirkef, n. Preponement; advancement nearer in time.
feirketpneš, n. Preparation of someone or something.
fêîrkhêh, n. A killing; a murder.
feirkiš, n. Delay; postponement.
feirne, n. An act of giving; a donation.
feirsej, n. A revelation; an unveiling; an apocalypse.
feirśen, n. A mixing or blending together.
feiršite, n. Causation of something to happen.
feirśrep, n. Birth.
feirter, n. Preservation.
fêîrzîń, n. Completion of something.
fêît, n. An end, ending, conclusion.
feitsjat, n. A stabbing.
feizet, n. The medium of writing (usual meaning when the noun is transnumeral).
fekaje, n. A bite.
fêkârhâš, n. Powerlessness; impotence; helplessness.
fekef, n. The state of being soon.
feketpneš, n. Preparation (of oneself); readiness.
fêkhêh, n. Deadness; lifelessness.
feki​, n. Shouting, yelling, crying.
fekiš, n. The state of being in the far future; remoteness forward in time.
fêkjâm, n. A game of chance, perceived not as an amusement but as a ritual or divinatory activity.
fêkrâhrêt, n. An act of scratching.
fekreš, n. Annihilation; destruction.
fekse, n. An incision; a cut.
fêkzîćêr, n. Inaction.
femah, n. Emptiness; void; vacuum.
femajern, n. Length.
femej, n. Thinness.
fêmêjk, n. A victory in a game of chance, in the sense of “fêkjâmi”.
femik, n. Representation or symbolism.
femim, n. Peace; calm; placidity; serenity; stillness.
fen, verb. To be spatially near or close to.
fêńâf, n. Fatness; obesity.
fenahwe, n. Acquaintance or familiarity with something.
fêńê, n. A sneer or contemptuous grimace.
fene, n. Possession, ownership.
feńerk, n. Shortness in length.
fepahtij, n. Physical strength.
fepat, n. Flatness.
fêpêm, n. Thickness.
fêpsâ, n. An act of spitting.
fes, pn. The interrogative pronoun; what; who; which.
feśag, n. A mock, taunt, or gibe.
fešaj, n. Song.
fêšâp, n. Fullness.
fešara, n. Amusement; entertainment.
fešat, n. The process of reading or reading meaning into something.

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