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fuchi, n. density, thickness
fuchten, v. to bend
fuchten2, v. (intr.) to flee, escape; (tr.) to free, liberate
fuchus, adj. thick, dense, packed
fudditen, v. to bind, to tie
fuddus, n. ribbon, (head)band
fudeten, v. to be awake
fungus, n. downpour, shower (of rain)
fusten, v. to bind
fusten2, v. to wake up (intr.)
fustulun, n. shoelace, bootlace, bootstrap
fustus, adj. awake
gallamun, n. call
gallaten, v. to call
ganten, v. tr: to father, bear (children), intr.: be born
ganti, n. gender, sex
gantoru, n. parents
genispotis, n. head of a genor; clan head, family head
genisproftor, n. founder of a genor; ancestor, progenitor
genisputis, n. s.
genor, n. family, clan, lineage, dynasty
genumun, n. birth
genumunis, adj. pertaining to birth; genumunin (podailun) maternity ward
golteten, v. to be cold
goltus, adj. cold
golus, adj. bald
gornun, n. corn (of grain), seed (apple, melon)
guffus, n. saw
gunnoten, v. to recognize, learn
helleten, v. to be green
hellus, adj. green
hemu, n. earth, land
hemus, n. man, human being
herra, n. hand
híman, adv. during winter
holteten, v. to be yellow
holtucun, n. yolk
holtus, adj. yellow
horcun, n. stalk (of grass)
horra, n. grass; meadow, lawn
horrus, n. enclosure, paddock; pen; garden
hortus, n. courtyard
hostis, n. guest
husten, v. to grab, grasp
hyaena, n. hyena
imperátor, n. emperor
isc, pron. he (3rd person pronoun)
it, conj. (indicates speech / quotation)
iten, v. Compound form of ainun "go"
lallaten, v. to talk; prattle, chatter, natter; waffle

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