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Word of the Day: lemman
v. to lie (down)
a, prep. to, towards
abuli, n. apple tree
abulus, n. apple
achten, v. drive
achti, n. drive, driving, drift
acor , n. ear (of corn)
acrus , adj. sharp
adaimun, n. undertaking, enterprise
aditen, v. to tackle, undertake
aditi, n. undertaking, tackling
adunten, v. to accept, receive
affuditen, v. bury
affuditi, n. burial
affuman, v. bury
agricus , adj. wild
agris , adj. wild, field-
agrus, n. field
aguna, n. competition, games, race(s)
ai, conj. if
aidor, n. embers, hearth, fireplace
aidumun, n. swelling, tumour
aidus, n. boil
aini, adv. only
ainimun, n. union
ainiten, v. unite, unify
ainiti, n. unification
ainun, v. go
ainus, adj. one; lone, lonely
aistus, adj. thirsty
aistuta, n. thirst
aisuma, n. fuel, firewood
aiwus, n. age; period, epoch, era; lifetime
al, cojunction. but
alauca, n. lark
ali, adv. else; pi ali what else, something else
alin, n. garlic
alis, adj. other
almus, n. fruit
alterus, adj. second
ambunten, v. come in, enter, go into
ammus, n. lamb
amparrichtaten, v. prepare
ampula, adv. enough; fully, satisfactorily, totally, completely
an, prep. in, into
ancaimaten, v. marry
ancaimati, n. wedding
ancaimatus, adj. married
ancarrunamun, n. group, class
ancarrunaten, v. order, arrange
ancarrunati, n. arrangement

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