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pfîîrît, n. An ender of something; a terminator.
pfîîrkhêh, n. A killer or murderer.
pfiirkiš, n. A procrastinator; one who delays.
pfiirne, n. A giver or bringer; one who causes others to have.
pfiirsej, n. One who makes visible or manifest; a revealer; an unveiler.
pfiirter, n. Something or someone that preserves; a preserver.
pfiizet, n. A writer.
pfîkhêh, n. A corpse; a dead thing.
pfîkjâm, n. A player of a game of chance, viewed as a ritual or divinatory activity.
pfikreš, n. A destroyer; an annihilator.
pfikse, n. A cutter.
pfimah, n. Something empty.
pfîmêjk, n. A winner of a game of chance, perceived as a ritual or divinatory activity.
pfimik, n. An image or representation.
pfine, n. A possessor; an owner.
pfipahtij, n. A physically strong person.
pfipat, n. A flatland; a plain.
pfiśag, n. A mocker or taunter.
pfišaj, n. A singer.
pfišemek, n. A hunter or predator.
pfiśerep, n. One who carries something; a bearer.
pfisfaj, n. One who fears; a coward (though not necessarily with negative connotations).
pfisfat, n. Something unified from many elements; a union, coalition, confederation, combination.
pfiśrep, n. An organism; a living thing.
pfiśrepšo, n. One who survives or outlives; a survivor.
pfiswaj, n. Something twisted or curled; a convolution.
pfitajma, n. Something or someone beautiful or wonderful (in nature, not in appearance or aesthetics).
pfitak, n. A builder; a maker; a constructor.
pfîtâphok, n. A fighter; a warrior; a soldier.
pfitiś, n. One who uses something; a user.
pfitran, n. One who is awake; an awakened one.
pfitrat, n. A worker; a laborer; a toiler.
pfiûrćantan, n. A teacher.
pfiûrfahra, n. Something (or some person) funny or humorous.
pfiûrfrak, n. Something that breaks something; a breaker.
pfiûrhar, n. Something that heats; a heater.
pfiûrhaûn, n. A source of chaos, disorder, or entropy.
pfîurkârhâš, n. One who renders powerless; one who defeats; subduer.
pfiûrpahtij, n. Something that makes one physically strong.
pfiûrpat, n. A flattener or leveler.
pfiûršara, n. A humorous or entertaining person.
pfiûrsfaj, n. Something that instils fear; a terror; a horror.
pfiûrsfat, n. A unifier; a consolidator.
pfizjaajz, n. A sky creature or dweller.
pfizjaćakaj, n. A wise or enlightened person; a sage.
pfizjahim, n. A poor person; pauper.
pfizjaij, n. One who dreams much and deeply; a dreamer (in the literal sense).
pfizjane, n. A wealthy or rich person.
pfućuk, n. Something that produces sound.
pfûgûrh, n. An idle or resting person.

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