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pater, n. father
pátor, n. herder, herdsman
patormátoru, n. parents
paulula, n. little girl
paulun, n. child
pauluni, n. (little) girl
paulus, adj. small, little, few
paulus2, n. (little) boy
paurus, n. See pórus
pecunus, adj. rich
penna, n. feathers, plumage
peplus, n. wheel, disc
pér, pron. where, (relative pron.
pér2, conj. when
pés, n. foot
pessína, n. swimming pool
petor, n. feather
petortus, adj. fourth
petúris, adj. four
pi, pron. what
pil, adv. very, very much
pippus, n. boy
pippus2, pron. See pispus
pis, pron. who
pisculun, n. fish barrel
piscus, n. fish
pispis, pron. whoever
pispus, pron. every
pistáca, n. pistachio tree
pistácin, n. pistachio
píten, v. to drink
pítiscus, adj. quiet, peaceful
pítu, n. peace, quiet
pixa, n. gnat, mosquito
pláten, v. to appeal (to), approach, contact
plés, adv. more
plesta, n. net
plesten, v. to plait, weave
pléten, v. to fill
póci, pron. how, as, like
pócus, pron. which, what kind of
pócutatu, n. quality, characteristic
podailun, n. room, chamber
politen, v. to attend, participate (in +Loc)
polli, n. fullness, plenty; multitude; quantity, amount
pollus, adj. full
pórus, n. servant, boy

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