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cluten, v. hear
cnullun, n. nut
colma, n. straw
colmulix, n. grasshopper, locust
colmus, n. straw, stalk
colmus2, n. boat
comachten, v. to meet, gather, assemble
comachti, n. meeting, gathering, assembly; public event; market, fair; crowd
comíchti, n. marriage
commun, n. song
conten, v. sing
conti, v. singing
corften, v. harvest, reap
corfti, n. autumn; harvest
coriandrun, n. coriander, cilantro
corínus, n. commander, general, warlord
cornun, n. horn
cornus, adj. dark, black
corópus, n. war horse, battle horse
corpi, n. shoe
corti , n. hair
corticun, n. single hair
cortus, adj. hard, solid, firm
corucornun, n. war horn, bugle
corus, n. war
corus2, n. choir
cosc , pron. this (here)
cówisto, adv. at once, immediately
crachulus, adj. round
crachus, n. ring, circle
craicaten, v. shout, yell
crawus, adj. raw
cristianiscus, adj. Christian
cristianus, n. Christian
cristianus2, adj. Christian
cristianutatu, n. christianity, christendom
críten, v. sift
crú, n. blood
cullichten, v. collect, gather
cullichti, n. collection
culligai, adv. together
cumba, n. bowl, cup
cumbíwus, adj. contemporary, living at the same time
cummaici , n. neighbour (female)
cummaicis, n. neighbour (male)
cumpulti, n. meal, feast; session, meeting
cumpultin, n. company (at a meal, feast); (org.) commission, committee, council, board
cunca, n. bitch
cunconti, v. choir, choir singing
cungineri, n. female relative, clan member

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